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Sunday, December 2, 2007 ; 8:00 PM Y
Penelop <3

Well, I am pretty crazy.Whoops-a-daisy, no one says that , especially about themselves. Alright, main point.... Did u watch witch yoo hee? You see, i never once got so in love with a movie that i even went to youtube to watch the first 5 mins that i missed when i went out for shopping. Go ahead, trust my taste because it is under my recommendation. Don't get too addicted, and that is a piece of advice. I ve no rights to say that cos iam already considered ......Back to topic, i will publish the videos of the songs,. Don't u forget to view it... Promise me, guys>?Love it !

Saturday, December 1, 2007 ; 12:37 AM Y
Penelop <3

Have you experience living without your parents for a week or a month? Well, I did, and left my parents for a whole week, to be exact, 8 days. U see, I am considered very 'sticky', in a way that i m close to my mum. Living in China for exchange culture programme was somehow, a torture. Each day, I could hardly sleep, especially in the hotel, i didn't expect the hotel to be so quiet and big, a villa, u can call. Blankets were so thin that i ran to the storeroom to get myself another blanket.Light was dim that I nearly switched on every light to keep myself warm, I mean, as to comfort myself,because i ve negative thinking, no, actually, i imagined too much... Aunt says that hotel has spirits. I didn't believe, but friends told me the mirror will capture my spirit, balcony might pop out a ghost e.t.c. To cut my story short, i did miss my mum and most importantly, I love my my new friend's home.

Thursday, November 29, 2007 ; 11:14 PM Y
Penelop <3

As a human,I was moulded,formed and borned into the world on 7 Jan 07.As the word goes,"The old has gone, the new has come." I m a sign of the 'new' generation.Hence, all my great-grandmother,you can call,or even more 'greats' had left me, and since i m a newbie, a newborn baby gurl, God was gracious to me and gave me a temporary mother. This temporary mother is my reallife mother,the lady who gave birth to me, as for the reason why i called her temporary, you will soon find out.She was a maidservant, a babysitter and a housewife. Without her, you and my household will be ......well, words cannot described. Pardon me, if this hurts you, forget it, don't you bear bear grudges with me, and i'll give you my sincere apology.Well, everyone will leave the world one day, some believe in recarnation, while others think the soul returns to the ground. However, i believe that there is heaven and hell. Back to topic,Lets now start mentioning about dads. There are some horrible 'dads' who scold hurtful words that stuck like slime.....I mean, hurt you greatly. Another will be abusive...and the best group, a caring and loving father. This is a story of mther's love, so i don't talk too much about father,alright? The father of heaven is the father who cares, love and forgive....So he alone can be considered as my parents. Spiritual love is the root course, you see the point?


; 11:11 PM Y
Penelop <3

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